Premiere: J.Wiltshire – Trails

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The Super Hexagon boss returns to MUSAR.

The place was a ghost town; shop fronts were boarded up, rubbish littered the roads and barely a soul could be seen walking the streets. Society had come to a standstill and many obsessed over its return. Normality as they knew it was skewed and their sense of time warped. Now comfort and safety could only be found indoors; adjustments had to be made, every day life had to change.


Hypercolour affiliate and Super Hexagon boss made his debut on Amsterdam-based imprint MUSAR back in May last year with his first ever long player, ‘Resa’. In contrast to this release, his newest outing for the label stretches beyond the immersive soundscapes heard on Resa and into the depths of trance, electro and acid.

Backed up by a remix from Planet Mu alumni, produer and visual artist Konx Om Pax, the three original tracks on ‘Luv 44’ still retain that introspective feel even though they’re largely aimed at the dancefloor. Created during the pandemic when society came to a halt, the tracks channel J.Wiltshire’s ‘interest in the introspective side of trance’, and represent a space he felt comfortable creating in at the time.


Luv 44 will be released on 26th November.