Premiere: Endrik Schroeder – Foundation (Chinaski’s Lonely Lagoon Mix)


The Robert Johnson affiliate reworks the French producer for Melodize.

Last night’s revelations were still ringing in her ears; the unexpected had finally happened. Positively the rumour mill had now come to an abrupt stop and the Chinese whispers had dissipated into the air, but was it worth the pain? Probably not. The foundations had been stronger than ever, or so she’d thought, but she’d been living in a fantasy world; looking at life through rose tinted glasses, instead of seeing what was right in front of her.


French producer Endrik Schroeder has proved himself a purveyor of all things Italo disco, electro, new wave and techno. After releases for Zone, Bordello A Parigi and Ritmo Fatale, he gears up for his debut EP on Beartrax’s Melodize with two-tracker ‘Same Day’. Bolstered by remixes from Permanent Vacation co-founder Benjamin Fröhlich and Robert Johnson’s Chinaski, who’s in charge of today’s premiere, the release is another example of Schroeder’s aptitude at blending elements of synth, new wave, disco and vintage house music full of colour and groove.


Same Day will be released on Melodize on 19 November.