Premiere: Tracey – Microdancer


The flickering lights flashed and buzzed upon the billboard, the giant screen looked down upon the passing people who walked beneath the radiant glare of the monitor. They were not aware of the dense, intricate complexity required to make such electronic engineering work and whiz behind the scenes. Each pixel was like a microdancer, a tiny orb which danced and died in the blink of an eye only to be replaced by the next pulsing light. It was night time in the city and the glow of the billboard was all which illuminated the way for the lonely walkers, a city ignorant and unthinking. Lead by the visions on a midnight screen. 

Tracey is set to release a new EP on Aus Music, an electro inspired affair which channels the rough and rugged sounds commonly associated with Den Haag. This one has been widely supported and works a treat. Listen below:

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