Premiere: Roberto Auser – Long Night


Dalamata Daniel present the seventh volume in their split series.

The clock hands crawled slowly around the face; time felt as though it were moving at a snails pace. The wait had been excruciatingly long, with little to do to keep themselves entertained exacerbated by a looming feeling that something could happen at any moment meant they were left on the edges of their seat at all times. Sleep was not an option – they downed coffee as if it were water, widened their eyes as if in a constant state of surprise, pinched themselves when their heads began to loll: they couldn’t risk missing the main event.


Dalmata Daniel’s split series has so far welcomed the likes of Intergalactic Gary, Pasiphae, Olivia and Rapha to take a side of wax each. For their seventh they’ve got returning artist Roberto Auser on board alongside Cestrian, the alias of Margate-based producer and DJ Ali Renault. As always the Budapest label have perfectly curated these musical partners, this time giving them a platform to explore eerie EBM, industrial-leaning electronics and raw, machine-driven electro.