Premiere: LNS & DJ Sotofett – Plexistorm

5 Minute Read

Electro hypnosis from two artists who need little introduction on one of Berlin’s most influential, longstanding record labels.

The dust was blowing furiously as the sky became a dark frosty black. Out here in the middle of nowhere they were very much at risk in the midst of chaos. Others had told tall stories about mysterious evenings lost in the dense fog of a plexistorm but few had ever imagined it might be as intense or vivid as this.

The wind howled between the ears as the night became colder, it were as if god himself was blowing frostily down upon them from the great heavens up above. How the hell might they ever escape but for a prayer or a miracle? It seemed like nothing else might work…


LNS & Dj Sotofett have become keen collaborators having worked on previous releases for Tresor. Now they return to the label with a new EP packed with electronic heat destined to keep dancefloors two steppin’ in rapid time. This is Electro at it’s very best – somewhat melancholy undertones paired with fast paced flickering stabs of energy.

Listen below: