Premiere: Tony Neptune – And Then There Were Stars


On the 12th of April 1961, Yuri Gagarin was launched into orbit for the first and – so they tell us – the last time. Upon returning to Earth, Yuri became a global hero, travelling the world to tell of his adventure. Secretly, he was plagued by strange hallucinations and a persistent glow around his vision; a cornucopia of colour in a constant corona. At first fearing madness, the cosmonaut came to see these apparitions as a signal, an invitation, a welcoming beacon from a distant lighthouse blinking across the cosmic void. 

Taking inspiration from early Detroit techno culture, under the moniker Tony Neptune Leeds-based producer and artist Sam Jefferies is on a mission to tell a multi-sensory story through image, sound and text. A talented DJ and part of the Dimensions DJ Directory family, Sam has become synonymous with deep diving marathon sets both as Tony Neptune and as Yuri, solo or alongside fellow Leeds stalwart Mark ‘Turbo’ Turner.

After working hard on his production efforts over the last few years, his debut EP Reflections on a Daring Escape is finally seeing the light of day on Twelve Comets. Both sonically and aesthetically (Sam’s visual work as a painter is at the core of the release), the 4-track release journeys deep into the cosmos, touching on the more celestial, emotive elements of electro and techno.

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