Premiere: DEADLETTER – Line The Cows (Make A Dance Dub)

MAD 003 FULL copy

Make A Dance welcome the Yorkshire post-punk band for a new single.

Today had dragged like never before. A minute felt like an hour, and the more she looked at the clock the slower it seemed to move. Waiting was not something she took to well, impatience and anxiety always got the best of her, even more so when it came to working to his tardy schedule. Countless late instances had her back up, she suspected there was some explanation behind it, after all she was well versed in this game; nothing could get passed her…


For London-based label Make A Dance’s third release they’re doing things a little different. Their first few outings – both original material and the label’s own M.A.D edits – have been more focused on the realms of house, old school electro and synth-driven disco, but now they’re taking things down the post-punk route.

After hearing the demo for Yorkshire six-piece DEADLETTER’s ‘Line The Cows’, the label knew they had to lock them in for a release and, of course, put their own signature M.A.D spin on it too. Taking a collaborative approach, Make A Dance and DEADLETTER offer up a few different versions: an original comes with a live take that the band and label recorded in Pony Studios, and there’s a stellar remix and dub version courtesy of M.A.D to close things out.