Premiere: Frust – Pyrite

BUR-008 – WEB__Censored Version

Bella Ursa house the second instalment of the project’s ‘Stone Series’.

The world was no longer under our control. Civilisation, as we knew it, didn’t exist anymore. Towns and cities had been destroyed and what was left of humanity had moved underground, away from the powers that now controlled the earth. Could it have been prevented? It was too late now to ponder that question, but the sad reality was that we were likely the makers of our own demise – it was only a matter of time before technology took over.


Frust is the side project of neo-coldwave duo Blind Delon. Having released the first EP in their Stone series back in 2019, on the recently defunct Oraculo Records, the pair are now entrusting the second part to Letherique’s Bella Ursa imprint. A perfect fit for the project’s melting pot of haunting wave, electro and EBM, which is crafted with a DIY-minded approach and cinematic touch, the label steer Stone II out into the world this April.


Stones II is out on 13th April via Bella Ursa.