Premiere: Thomas Von Party feat. Mera De La Rosa – Ritmo (Decius Remix)


As soon as she stepped out of her house, she could feel all eyes on her. Their retinas burning into the back of her head as she passed by sheepishly. It seemed her small discrepancy last night was now the talk of the village, it had entered the rumour mill and there it would stay until another youngster did something deemed worthy by their elders of disapproval. With little else to discuss, here lies spread quickly, morphing into drastic untruths fabricated in the most obscene ways.

Spawned during a trip to Lima, Turbo Recordings and Multi Culti co-founder Thomas Von Party’s newest outing sees him join forces with Dominican TV presenter and singer Mera De La Rosa, who provides sultry Latin vocals. The first single to be taken off his forthcoming mini-LP, the low slung sleezy house beats of ‘Ritmo’ get the remix treatment from Mexican producer TYU, an in-house alternate TRANS version from TVP himself, and a final reinterpretation from Decius, who take the original into darker realms with low rumbling subs and frantic percussion.