Premiere: Facets – Rush


The Samo Records boss shares his debut EP on Correspondant’s little sister imprint Dischi Autunno.

Why were there never enough hours in the day? No matter how early she rose or how late she retired to bed, it was impossible to cram everything in. Every day she played catch up, chasing her tail to meet her own demands and scratch everything off on her never-ending to do list. Lately she’d been willing time to stop for just a few moments so she could catch her breath and find her feet – in her mind this cycle would repeat for eternity; rushing from one thing to the next would forever be her reality.


Samo Records boss Facets takes a break from running his label to share his debut EP into the world, dropping on Dischi Autunno, the little sister imprint of Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant Records. If you’re familiar with Facets work, you’ll know he’s been firing out tracks for the last three or so years via compilations and VAs for labels like MATERIÁ, Electric Shapes, Khoinix and Calypso Records offshoot, Correcciones Calypso, but it’s only now he’s making his solo artist debut. Impulse, a name inspired by the quick and impulsive process of the release’s creation, bridges old and new sounds, while connecting the dots between his core influences: EBM, New Beat and Italo.


Impulses will be released on Dischi Autunno on 14th October.