Premiere: Théo Muller – Fest Ar Brezelourien


The roars and cheers of the crowd cut through the air as throngs of people filtered into the festival. Luckily the low hanging clouds of the previous week had dissipated making way for the hot sun to take hold. Today felt monumental to most, there hadn’t been an event like this in what felt like an eternity, and many had been counting down the days until the debauchery would begin. There were no grimaces or sad faces anywhere to be seen, just enthusiastic smiles and uncontainable excitement at the fun and chaos that would soon ensue… 

Following the cancellation of this year’s Astropolis Festival, an event in Brest in the north east of France, the festival are continuing their pledge to support local artists and paying tribute to the DÔME stage dedicated to these talents by launching a new label. Since 2003 the festival has put out an open call to emerging DJs and producers with those selected going on to perform at the summer edition; instead this year the label, named after the stage, will provide this platform for artists. Kicking off with an inaugural four-track V/A, Astropolis welcome R&S alumni A-Sim, Boys Noize’s Unklevon, Dance Around 88 boss Ringard and our pick, the party-fuelled fuzzy breaks of Midi Deux member and Lumière Noire label mate, Théo Muller.