Premiere: The Umlauts – The Fact (Yuri Suzuki Remix)

U remix art

The art punk band share a remix EP of their latest release on PRAH Recordings.

He’d become a master in the art of lying; his charm, wit and good looks helped him in that arena. The lines had blurred so much between fact and fiction that he almost believed his own tall tales these days – he’d created a persona that was so far removed from the way he used to be. Many of his old friends no longer felt like they knew him; his priorities had changed and somewhere along the road he’d lost himself.


Art punk ravers The Umlauts are following up their recent release for PRAH Recordings with a remix package featuring several producers and label alumni. Each bringing their own styles to the table, and all a perfect fit to amp up the frenzied energy of the originals, the EP rallies the likes of London based sound-designer Yuri Suzuki, Teleman drummer Hiro Ama and duo Uh, among many others.

Speaking about Yuri Suzuki’s track, the band said: “Yuri Suzuki’s remix of The Fact was pure joy to hear, we love it. It remedies the samba punk of the original with pure unfettered dance groove. Am I tapping my foot? Yes. Am I nodding my head? Yes again. Am I doing a slightly awkward side step? Indeed I am, oh yes. Yuri is the perfect birthing partner. Go and listen to everything else he has made, listen twice, it’s all brilliant.”