Premiere: Manzo Edits – Brazil (AEF Edit)


Ruinas boss Black Pomade launches Manzo Edits with a brand new four tracker of club ready cuts and laid back grooves.

For miles and miles towering green trees populated the land, easing only to allow the river to weave and wander in-between. There was much to explore here in the forest – either on foot or by boat – these pathways and meandering bodies of water had seen more than any human had in their lifetime. It felt magical and otherworldly out here, nothing but nature enveloping you in its wonders, but how long before it would fade away? How long before it would be wounded and ravaged? Or had the damage already been done…


Ruinas boss Black Pomade is gearing up for the launch of a brand new series called Manzo Edits for, you guessed it, a carefully curated selection of edits from friends and peers. For the debut release he invites WONDER, AEF and DHP AKA Life Dee to feature alongside him, as they all put their own stamp on a disparate sounds and styles. Every edit is primed for club play, but there’s a bit of something for everyone. It launches with dark, percussive synth-pop before settling into a funky old school breaks and chugging acid grooves, all rounded off with a disco house edit to get the floor moving.


Manzo Edits Vol 1 will be released on 23rd January 2023.