Premiere: Mr Ho & Xiaolin – No Change To How I Feel


20/20 Vision continue their Exit Planet Earth VA series with volume 10 which features over 25 artists.

Unanswered emails piled up, unread messages clogged his inbox – he had no desire to answer their pleas or succumb to the days worth of grovelling. There was little that could be said to change the way he felt, no amount of words or showering of gifts would change things, this time he couldn’t forgive and forget – even if he wanted to. Grudges had never been his thing, it was generally more effort than it was worth, but on this occasion the situation was unforgivable…


20/20 Vision’s Exit Planet Earth series began life back in 2020, just as the pandemic was beginning and lockdown was around the corner. Originally intended to provide a snapshot of how artists were feeling at this time through captivating, original music, the series soon took on a life of its own and is now reaching the ripe old age of 10. Each release features music from stalwarts and emerging names, and on this occasion involves over 25 artists from across the world. Largely concerning itself with music close to the label’s heart – namely electro and techno – this 10th volume includes music from Egyptian Lover & Soul Clap, Kosh, Annie Hall, London Modular Alliance, Mr Ho and Xiaolin, among many others.