Premiere: The 2 Bears – Unbuild It (Naum Gabo Remix)


Having spent the last year or so with a building site just outside R$N Towers, the phrase "Unbuild It!" has been yelled many a time from our rooftop. With the way that London is headed, we're wishing for a simpler time when all the buildings were filled with character rather than being faceless, characterless blocks built to house faceless, characterless blocks. We'd love a nice bit of culture back, please?

On an incredibly loosely related note, Naum Gabo has created one hell of a remix of the latest sounds from the ever-brilliant The 2 Bears. The remix gives a fresh tale on the sounds that'll have your ears asking for the bill because they couldn't take another drop. Go on, treat yourself to this beauty;

The Night is Young Remixed is out on 6th November via Southern Fried Records.