Premiere: Thatmanmonkz Feat Pete Simpson – In Bed With You


Though we may be genetically fairly similar to monkeys, there's a nugget of information kicking around R$N Towers that humans are also incredibly similar to bananas. Whether there's any truth in this spurious allegation is yet to be seen, as none of us know how to use Ask Jeeves properly, so we'll have to simply agree that it's a stone cold fact for the time being and move on.

Whichever end of the ape/banana feeding ritual we most closely resemble, we can all agree that there's nothing quite like filling your ears with new music as you swing through the jungle treetops. Sheffield-based house fiend thatmanmonkz is making the kind of music that everyone can swing to and his soulful old school sound makes for a cracking aural treat.

Go on, treat yourself to this beauty – your arms are probably pretty tired by now;

Are You Still Sleeping is out out on vinyl today. Digital release is late August. Both via Classic Music Company.