Premiere: Henrik Villard – I See U

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

Dreamy house music to wave off the last sunbeams of the summer.

The light was fading slowly in the distance, an orange sky was all that was left to illuminate the evening before darkness fell. They sat perched atop the hillside, looking out over the water down below and wondered if there might ever be a moment as special and peaceful as this again.

Perhaps it was the feeling of her hand in his, perhaps it was the way in which she smiled and leant her head upon his shoulder. He felt as if he might never be so warm inside again. It were as if god himself had looked down from the heavens above as if to say “I see you”…

Finally the sun drifted beyond the horizon and the wind began to blow softly as the first breath of night loomed in. With her, he was not afraid of the dark.


Henrik Villard releases a new EP on True Romance, a beautiful record which tugs at the heartstrings leaving us all nostalgic for the summer which has just passed. It’s hard to create music which sparks such emotions, a rare treat.

Listen below: