Premiere: Takiru – Je T’aime


The days seemed to get worse, almost everything had become difficult, even menial and mundane tasks. It felt as though his life was crumbling around him, but he was luckier than most, he had a support network to lean on—a small one—but he had one. Love can be easy to forget when you’re at a low, but it’s never far away, it’s always there…

A departure from his releases for 2030 and Camel Rider Records, Tel Aviv-based producer Takiru explores new musical realms on his forthcoming EP for Amsterdam’s Karakter Records. Created during lockdown, Takiru found time to broaden his production abilites and try out new avenues within his music — on this occasion its slower tempos and hypnotic and balmy melodies displayed across three tracks, reinforced by remixes from Rina & Benji, A-Tweed and Tempura the Purple Boy.