Premiere: Tagliabue – Onda Sotto

Profonda Pulsione Artwork_Front

The Italian producer makes his debut on Sound Metaphors’ Bless You label.

The temperature had plunged; it was that kind of biting cold that took your breath away, the kind you could feel in your bones. With it came a darkness that tainted moods, it was hard to remain positive amidst grey skies and engulfing clouds. Leaving the house became a mammoth task, trying to pull yourself away from the warmth was an invitation nobody was willing to take up. The hibernation period was in full effect, and until the sun shone again, everybody would stick to their home comforts.


Tagliabue has proved himself a master of strung out cosmic grooves and hypnotic soundscapes through releases for labels like Lustpoderosa, Invisible Inc. and Elephant Gait Music. He combines these textural elements and sound design touches with the traditions and attitude of his native Italy, captured through ancestral folk sounds and the natural environment that surrounds him. For his next release, Profonda Pulsione, which is set for release on Sound Metaphor’s Bless You imprint, he continues his exploration of temporal music with a collection of tracks that connect the dots between trance, acid, EBM, ambient and cold wave.


Profonda Pulsione will be released on Bless You via Sound Metaphors.