Premiere: Kennedy – Orbit

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

The latest release on Dream Machine is reminiscent of 90’s techno and IDM.

They all watched as the particles collided millions of miles away. It was hard to comprehend how something so small to watch could also be so inexplicably massive. The sun was exploding and what had been in orbit would soon be plunged into a chaotic state of disarray as the galaxy reset itself.

Heaven knows how it had come to this, yet somehow there was an ominous sense that it had been inevitable all along. After all, it had happened once before right? That’s how we were all here? Waiting, watching and looking upwards into the abyss as the galaxy exploded with a wonderful and wicked bang.


Kennedy is an Amsterdam based producer making strides on his own self releasing music which is reminiscent of 90’s techno and IDM yet futuristic and very much of the present. His latest release features two tracks of weaving, wandering melodies which dance and dazzle atop tripped percussion, breaks and beyond. Highly recommended.

Listen below and buy HERE.