Premiere: Super Drama – New Graces


The path was crowded with paparazzi and a chorus of screaming fans, limbs entwined as they grappled to be seen by their idols. Bright lights flashed from all angles, blinding passersby who were going about their daily business. It was the event of the season, a place for the fame hungry and the Z-List to prove their worth. Along the scarlet red and gold embossed carpet, socialites were draped in expensive fabrics and sparkling jewels, vying for the attention of the cameras. They would be the name on everyone's lips, if only for one night. 

London-based duo Super Drama gear up to release their next EP on their own label Super Drama Records. The Italo-tinged techno number is a perfect dance floor warmer and comes complete with a remix from Discwoman's Ciel, who puts her signature future bass spin on it.