Premiere: Steven Rutter – The Battle Continues


The night was always the hardest, being out there on the mean streets of London was like walking into a concrete jungle at times. The battle continued day by day and the towerblocks became a holding ground for many of the so called elite. Not long ago they had lived in the fancy houses of the West, sitting high upon the thrones of parliament. However, when the great flood arrived and the revolution came a knocking they had found themselves atop the council estates they had once ruled chaos over. They were no longer the elite, but the poor. 

Steven Rutter is perhaps one of the most influential forces in British techno. The genre owes him much credit for his contribution over the years. B12 has been prolific across several decades. However, now the man behind the label has decided to unveil new music under his own name. Steven Rutter offers up a new EP for Firescope Records. Listen below: 

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