Premiere: Ian DPM – Hardbody


The Scuffed Records and Definite Party Material boss takes care of the fourth release for music-platform-turned-label Mantissa.

A shrill repetitive noise roused them in the early hours of the morning – like an air raid siren it cut through everything. Where it came from they didn’t know, as far as they were aware there was nobody around for miles and miles – this was the middle of nowhere. Sleep was impossible now, though tiredness gripped every inch of them, they couldn’t drift off for fear of the unknown. By the window they sat, squinting in the darkness, listening out for something moving in the bushes, but nothing appeared before day broke – had they dreamed it all?


As one half of the brains behind Scuffed Recordings and the curator of Definite Party Material, Ian DPM knows a thing or two about what constitutes a banging tune. Making his first forays into production himself a few years back with his Visions EP on Scuffed, he’s since released a bunch of other EPs that teeter on the fringes of club music, fusing the likes of UKG, breakbeat, dancehall and techno. His next release comes via London-based music platform turned label Mantissa and is charged up with all the sonics you’d expect from him; weighty bass lines, frenetic rhythms and crisp breakbeats.


Evening Service will be released on 17th February via Mantissa.