Premiere: Slacker – Lay It Bare


Bristol-based DJ Danielle launches her new label Soft Raw with an EP of half time and jungle cuts from the Room II producer.

It was about time they laid all their cards on the table; no more secrets, no more excuses and definitely no more sneaking around. How they’d not been found out yet was something of a miracle – there were many times the game had nearly been up, but somehow the truth had never come out. If they’d been honest from the outset, things could have been different, but sometimes putting your feelings out there, naked and bare, was more frightening than the repercussions.


There’s certain DJs that you can trust will curate a top drawer record label. With Bristol mainstay Danielle and her freshly minted Soft Raw imprint, we’re definitely in safe hands. An extension of her own tastes as a DJ, the label will explore the contrast between soft and raw textures, casting a net far and wide to catch everything from abstract rhythms to technoid experiments and weighty sub-heavy sonics, whilst seeking to platform new producers who are carving out a singular sound. The first comes from Sam Black, better known as Slacker, who sets the tone in fine style with a collection of moody, rumbling cuts that lean heavily into jungle and half-time DnB.