Premiere: Slowglide – Reach For The Ridge


The French producer launches his new label, Vanishing Point, with a collection of his own psychedelic electronic experiments.

It was unclear how far the peak was, it stretched beyond the clouds, obstructed completely from view. The weather had been kind to them thus far, but it felt like a change in the air was coming. They followed the winding path through the snow, taking stock of how far they’d come as they reached each vantage point. Hours and hours had passed and the end was still a distant dream, but when they reached the summit it would all be worth it, they’d be on top of the world.


French DJ and producer Slowglide signals a new sonic direction with the launch of his label Vanishing Point. Previous music for Antinote, Global Warming and Comic Sans saw him exploring UK-leaning club sounds, but this next chapter takes him down a more psychedelic path.

For the first release, a seven-track tape called Mount Apeiron that marks his first new music in four years, he draws inspiration from a reading of René Daumal’s Mount Analogue, which documents a spiritual and symbolic take on mountain climbing. The music itself is a sonic representation of each stage of ascension, floating around lower tempos and exploring more psychedelic vibrations that touch on tribal, trance, drone, techno and electronica, but approached with Slowglide’s singular eye and ear.


Mount Apeiron will be released on 25th November.