Premiere: Manuel Darquart – In The Post


The London by way of NZ duo make their debut on Mike Who’s Planet Trip.

The room was hot and balmy making it impossible to sleep through the entire night, instead she writhed around in a semi-sleepless state. There was something on her mind, it didn’t just plague her waking hours, it infiltrated her dreams too. Shaking the anxiety and moving forward was proving difficult, it didn’t matter how hard she tried to block it out and bury it way back in her subconscious. Sooner or later somebody would find out the truth – her karma was definitely in the post.


Manuel Darquart have made a name for themselves with their laidback take on Balearic, house and boogie. EPs for the likes of Wolf Music, Semi Delicious and Childsplay have been the vessels for their creations over the last five years, and now, in what we’d say is something of a match made in heaven, they make their debut on Mike Who’s Planet Trip. In The Post is the London-based duo doing what they do best: a hunk of smooth boogie, hot house jams and dreamy Balearic bliss.