Premiere: Skull Rock – Plukaki


Deep inside the skeletal brain guard, the strident echoes of favoured memories bounced and reflected the best of times. Once revered moments held close were now realised as the shining beauty they were always meant to be. Fuzzing around the edges, and maybe faded like some old film stock, they still had all the reminisce and nostalgia of the first time this cranium had fired it's synapses. Just more distant, but with all the relevance they respected.

One of our favourite labels over the past few years has been Beachcoma. Sitting just nicely under the radar, the releases have always had a more diverse and interesting take on the slo-mo acid scene: more mood, more modular and sometimes just fecking curious. Borne from a night of winter drinking in Berlin, Julian Grefe (Pink Skull) and Sheldon Thompson (Sid Le Rock) got together for this musical collaboration. A lovely half melancholic/ half manic and respectfully understated echo and shimmer track. Aquatic more than acidic, it once again shows some originality from the schizophrenic imprint.

Skull Rock – Fünfhatz/ Plukaki is released by Beachcoma on 24th June 2016 and more info can be found HERE.

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