Premiere: Senora – Antropoceno


Humanity’s footprints are everywhere to be seen, from the cities and the towns to the oceans and the sky. New materials and technologies have guided a long path to destruction; a path that will continue far into the future. Though its impact has increasingly come into plain view, when will collective action be taken to prevent it?

A firm favourite of Sean Johnston and the late, great Andrew Weatherall, Berlin-based producer Señora has become known for his unique approach to sound design, merging organic grooves with sonic experimentation and oddball effects. Following releases on Shango Records, Night Noise and LNDKHN he makes his return to Lurid Music, the label he debuted on back in 2017, for his first long player titled Fósil. Across the nine expertly crafted compositions he reflects on “the next evolutionary steps of the human race”, realised through cinematic and evocative soundscapes punctuated by otherworldly sounds and undulating rhythms.