Premiere: Secret Circuit – Phasor MD

INVINC 33 sleeve V20

A release two years in the making from the project of Edward Ruscha V on invisible Inc.

Her huge bay window felt like a porthole to the entire world. From here she could see everything; the towering skyscrapers that seemed to stretch beyond the clouds, the trees in shades of green, white and pink rustling in the soft afternoon breeze, and in the distance, the sea and the mountains promising an escape from the urban jungle. She watched the people go about their days – watched them argue and make up, greet and bid each other goodbye, stumble and fall, race and disappear – How funny that one window gave a view of so much life….


After a long and chaotic journey to completion, Invisible Inc have finally released Secret Circuit’s double LP, Green Mirror, into the world. Almost two years in the making, the album sees the return of the project of LA native and audiovisual artist Edward Ruscha V following two EPs on the imprint in 2016 and 2018. Known for his music under several different bands, projects, guises and collaborations over the years, he’s a dab hand at meandering in all kinds of directions, but on this release he focuses on balancing emotion and experimentalism, creating a collection of 21 pieces that bounce between the cosmic, the ambient, the otherworldly and the off-kilter. This is music for the open minded.