Premiere: Later Version – Swim Domain

5 Minute Read

DJML & Jerod S. Rivera debut Later Version project with ‘Swim Domain’ EP on Third Place – a collection of deep, floating soundscapes.

The water was a deep radiant blue, from time to time small bubbles would rise from the ocean floor up the surface where an occasional flicker or glimmer of light would illuminate the lagoon as the clouds came and went before the sun. Diving deeper and deeper into the abyss, it were as if he was exploring some sort of mythical aquarian dream – a planet nestled beneath what he knew existed and floated up on the surface.

There was no sound down here but very occasional he’d become aware of a change of pressure, a heavy weight and a light release as he moved slowly through the murky blue beyond.

All he could do was keep swimming…


Third Place are set to release a new EP from Later Version, a beautiful assortment of fluid tracks which draw influence from a sense of weightlessness and ambient textures. Later Version is made up of Oakland-based artists Dan Letson and Jerod S. Rivera.

Listen below: