Premiere: Donald’s House – Under the Lilypad


The Naarm party-turned-label call on more local talent for their second vinyl outing.

The garden provided a place to stop and think; to slow down and calm the mind. It was so quiet, the buzz of the city and rush hour traffic was nowhere to be heard, the only sound came from the birds and insects that called this place home. The floor was covered in flowers, the walls shrouded by ivy that covered every inch of brick – nature had taken over and made it their own. In here it was easy to forget that the outside world existed.


Wax’o Paradiso, the party-turned-label helmed by Edd Fisher and Simon TK, are continuing their mission to shine a light on the Antipodean sounds of their home down under with their second vinyl offering. Starting life in 2021 with an EP from Australian duo OK EG, a record that explored the organic textures and rhythms prompted by their native landscapes and spaces, the label now turn their attentions to another duo, Donald’s House. 37° South is made up of four Balearic cuts that showcase the pair’s versatility – there’s nods to Italo, new beat, ambient and acid, but all possess a distinctly meditative and spacious feel.