Premiere: Stelios Vassiloudis – Mother (Funk D’Void Remix)

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

A beautiful remix for the peak time crew.

Driving through the night the rain began to pour heavily down upon the windscreen. It had been coming for some time, the clouds had gathered and grown thicker by the hour throughout the day as they swerved between lanes and through fields they’d never see again. Heaven only knew where they were travelling to and where they might end up.

That wasn’t important.

As the sky darkened all around them there was only one thing in their mind, freedom. For they’d been stuck in that bleak small town for far too long and now they were looking for something far beyond it. The rain was mother nature’s way of reminding them of the damp and dreary world from which they would soon be free.


Stelios Vassiloudis is delicately remixed by pioneering dance music producer Funk D’Void who somehow manages to channel as much beauty as he does club ready promise into what is a simply magical track.

Listen below and buy HERE.