Premiere: Kincaid – Sycamore

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

Dreamy bass excursions on Control Freak Recordings.

Atop the hill was a tree stood all alone, it was not known how long it had been there for it had outlived each and every one who had been born in this town. Some say it might never die, a perpetual reminder of the flagrant beauty nature held in this part of the world as the rest burnt to the ground elsewhere.

It was a sycamore – a reminder that all things would grow. As the sunlight blazed down upon the hillside it blew softly in the breeze, its branches shuffling and shaking beneath the weight of an even greater power than it. See that was the funny thing about nature, you never knew when it might create a storm which would bring it all crumbling down, even itself.


Kincaid is set to release a new EP on Control Freak Recordings, it’s a weaving and wandering affair which meanders between leftfield bass and electronica. Highly recommended.

Listen to ‘Sycamore’ below: