Premiere: Mike Sacchetti & Ivan De La Rouch – Kings & Fools

PP30 Cover

Another volume of Play Pal’s flagship VA series PALS has landed with a collection of new artists in charge of the music.

They eyed them up from the other side of the room, looking down their noses at them and silently judging. There was a clear divide between these two groups, motivated by an unfounded idea of superiority; but one was no better than the other. It was clear that one side had no interest in getting to know the other, they’d already categorised them and labelled them as unworthy of their attention and there was little that could change their mind.


Play Pal are back with another instalment of their Pals VA series, their seventh to be exact. Centred around hypnotic, guitar-infused wave and moody raw electronics, this new outing features music from artists based all over the world. There’s collaborations from label head Teniente Castillo alongside Amarcord, Play Pal affiliates Mike Sacchetti and Ivan De La Rouch, and Belly Dance Services boss Nick Hanzo with A-Tweed, rounded off with solo contributions from Javier Ferreira, Ulises Arrieta and Sylphomatic, all making for another package of dystopian delights from the Madrid-based label.