Premiere: Remotif – Hi Tek Lo Life

5 Minute Read

Progressive Trance inspired club weapons from the Bristol producer.

He had the skills, that much was clear. As he walked through the door everybody would look and stare as he meandered slowly through the diner with a kind of swagger not typically associated with your average street cat. He’d worked hard to earn his respect in the street – hustling hard wasn’t easy as the underdog.

However, that didn’t mean that there weren’t some pesky type characters who might never seen him for more than the high tech low life he really was.

As the music played loud he’d wave and smile from time to time at the passers by gazed and glanced at his meticulous demeanour and banging persona.


Remotif is back with a bang. A new EP on space lab roars triumphantly and takes us higher channeling progressive influences from Trance and beyond. This one is quite the trip…

Listen below: