Premiere: Stevie R & Parisinos – Blazing Waters

5 Minute Read
Flying Horseman Artwork

A release inspired by the music of their childhood on Sinchi.

The river was wild – it was hypnotic and fascinating to watch as it weaved and meandered its way down the side of the mountain towards towns and villages many miles away.

Many had tried to conquer the blazing waters, to carve a new path down which the water might follow and wind. None had been successful for this was something bigger than those who sought to tame it.

Stood atop the waterfall he watched as it crashed against the side of the cliff before falling and plummeting downwards into a place that could not be seen…


Stevie R & Parisinos draw on the music of their childhood as they return for a new outing on Sinchi that comes with a remix from Man Power. Sales from this release will be donated to the Sinchi Foundation to support indigenous peoples worldwide.

Listen below: