Premiere: Religious Order – Under My Skin I Can’t Forget

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The end was nigh; every avenue had been exhausted but all to no avail. This wasn’t the outcome she’d hoped for, moving forward had been her priority from the outset. But her mind that couldn’t shake the image. As much as she’d tried to block it out, it had become impossible. If her waking thoughts weren’t consumed by it, her dreams were — that was something she couldn’t control.

One of our favourite dystopian soundtrackers Rat Life Records are returning with another EP ‘to accompany the end of the world’. The label, run by producer and DJ Credit 00, have previously shared apocalyptic sounds from Fotze & Fatzke, Westlake & Hayter and Mr Incognito, and are now welcoming Rome-based producer Religious Order to the family. The six tracks across his ‘Luci Nere’ EP boast the gritty textures we’ve come to expect of a Rat Life release: a fusion of sludgy electro rhythms, eerie acid lines and distorted EBM vocal hits.