Premiere: Realitycheck – Last Call


A new record label is born in Nantes with a VA release featuring artists from across France.

It didn’t seem to matter how much he prepared in advance or how many hours he put aside to reach his destination; somehow he still managed to make it just by the skin of teeth. Too many anxious journeys, angry exchanges and sweat-soaked runs through terminal buildings had preceded this moment, so when would he learn? Or would the odds continue to stack up against him? It was always down to the last call…


Nantes has got themselves a freshly minted record label in the form of Cane Corso. The first release gives us a window into what you can expect from the label in the future, in both musical ethos and curation. Featuring a healthy roll call of several underground artists who are making moves across France at the moment, namely Realitycheck, Adam BFD, Voiron and several others, Première Portée threads together bass, IDM, techno and breaks.


Première Portée will be released on Cane Corso on 11th November.