Premiere: DJ Perception ft MC Wizkid – History


London-based label and platform Timehri release the underground UKG pioneer’s concept album, that charts a journey through the cosmos.

Their mission was of their own choosing, as was their path. It was a journey of exploration and discovery, without rules or obligations, but it was imperative that they kept a record of every encounter and experience beyond the atmosphere. They’d imagined what might be above them in space, what strange creatures could lurk on far off planets… Nobody really knew what lay amongst the stars or in the furthest reaches of the cosmos, but maybe they would be the very first to find out.


London-based DJ T Dunn has just shared his label Timehri’s biggest project to date. Hand in hand with close label affiliate DJ Perception, a pioneering force in the UKG underground and the mind behind Timehri’s first ever release, they’ve been working hard over the last year and a half to bring Perception’s album to life.

A concept LP, Journey To The Star imagines a voyage through space “guided by a faint starlight in the outer reaches, beamed back to earth for your listening pleasure”. The first of its kind, the release showcases Perception’s musical prowess and solidifies his position as a forward-thinking force in the UK Garage world, who seamlessly manages to bridge the past and the future of the sound.