Premiere: Kiss Nuka – Serpentine


The Mumbai artist shares her debut EP which was made entirely on a pair of headphones.

“She looks at herself in the mirror and sees a woman who is choosing the life she wants to live. She has taken some hard decisions, and followed her path no matter what. She takes a moment to thank herself… for staying true to her being; for trying to change whatever parts of the world she could; for grinding for so many years – and most of all for slowing down her pace; taking the time to smell the flowers and put them in her hair; for celebrating her body and mind and spirit; and for working on living in the present. Were there things that needed improvement? Hell yeah! But she was well on her way, shedding skin, staying grounded in a life-long journey of evolution.”


Mumbai native Kiss Nuka is a woman of many talents. As well as being a multi-disciplinary artist, composer and producer, she’s also an artist, director, activist and actor. Off the back of her latest single ‘I Love The Drive’ on Ninja Tune’s Ahead Of Our Time label, she’s set to drop her debut EP Serpentine on her own eponymous imprint.

Written during monsoon season in Goa, entirely on headphones and without her gear and studio set up, the four-track release is a feat in fluid and creative songwriting and production. She breaks down genre borders with her hypnotic blend of bass, techno, trance and more, as she pays tribute to the dance floor as a safe haven and place for self-expression.


Serpentine is out on 25th November via Kiss Nuka.

Note on the artwork: “After Anushka posted the original artwork, we were informed that this particular snake is being bred in captivity. Being an animal rights activist, Anushka is strongly against breeding and using material from breeding animals for commercial purposes. She has decided to change it and use this opportunity to talk about the issue of breeding.”