Premiere: Rawtrachs – It’s Just a Rinse (Fade Remix)

Rawtrachs_3kx3k copy

A stripped back percussive remix from the OfParadise co-founder on London label Programm.

A unwelcome sight greeted him this morning when he woke up. The house seemed quieter than usual, the buzz of the radio wasn’t ringing through the house, no smell of coffee filling the air, and the pointed telling offs and rallying of small voices nowhere to be heard. Descending the stairs he noticed things had gone missing; pictures had been pulled off the walls, ornaments taken from the sideboards, but worst of all there was no sign of his family. A sinking feeling hit him like a punch in the gut – deep down he knew they weren’t coming back…


On the next release from the Programm camp, and the first from the label this year, producer Rawtrachs draws inspiration from J Dilla samples. Marking his debut single on the London-based imprint, ‘It’s Just a Rinse’ is a pounding lo-fi cut that comes complete with two reworks from Sneaker Social Club affiliate Thugwidow and OfParadise co-founder Fade, who take their remixes in different directions – Thugwidow upping the ante and Fade stripping back the original and adding signature percussive touches.

The artwork for this digital release is the label’s first generative cover. Made in a similar way to digital music, alongside artists Matt Heywood and Alfie Allen, Programm have created a new tool to combine human and computer input to create visuals that could only exist together.