Premiere: Walton – Quasar

5 Minute Read

Walton channels intergalactic elements on a bass driven EP ready to cause damage.

Careering through the dense black of night the ship cruised against a desolate backdrop. They were floating through the deepest, darkest corners of outer space in search of a magical world they’d once been told about long ago.

Quasar was out there somewhere but they hadn’t found it yet. On board the crew were getting restless, missing the life they’d left far behind on earth down below. Up here in the murky abyss there was little to keep them company but for the somewhat reassuring rumble of the engines powering them through the night sky.

Looking out from the window at the flickering stars and the wild unknown, it was hard not to feel small.


Walton is a singular producer who draws upon elements of UK bass culture, drum & bass and abstract electronics. This new EP on Sneaker Social Club demonstrates his love for big hitting, punchy dance music with a futuristic twist. This one comes highly recommended.

Listen below: