Premiere: Ràkale – Venere


The Italian born producer makes his debut on Massimiliano Pagliara’s Funnuvojere Records.

Since she’d left the bright lights of the city it had become clear how much of the cosmos was being hidden from her. Pollution seemed to block out the beauty of it all, a thick fog that clung to the air for dear life masking all that lay above it. Out here everything came into focus; the moon and the planets glowed with an intensity she couldn’t begin to describe. The map of the cosmos was clear and defined, now she could find her way amongst the stars.


Taking inspiration from Detroit’s historic deep house scene, Italian born producer Ràkale – who heads up the label of the same name – makes his debut on Massimiliano Pagliara’s Funnuvojere Records. Like much of the previous outings on the label, Ràkale’s Irregular Step concerns itself with cosmic sounds, taking us on a trip through stirring. emotive melodies. Flaunting his deftness at creating crystallised synth lines and buoyant grooves, the EP draws on elements of electro, Italo, Chicago house and synth wave.


Irregular Step will be out on Funnuvojere Records on 14th April.