Premiere: Pugilist – Daggers

5 Minute Read

Sharp leftfield explorations in Bass music from rising producer Pugilist.

The night was young but soon this land would be plunged into a foggy blackness which was enough to tease and tickle the senses. It would fall like a thick treacle across the land and the marauders would seek this opportunity to prey upon the weak and vulnerable.

They would run wild through the fields, dancing and taking what they could find along the way.

For what use was it to the rich anyway? 

Loaded up on fun, drunk on dreams, they would soon stash their daggers and begin the walk downhill towards the towns and villages below. This was to be their wildest night yet.


Of Paradise are back with a new EP from Pugilist, a producer who is reimagining the shape of UK Bass culture, drawing upon influences from those who paved the way before and remodelling sounds for a new age. This new EP features a collection of sharp edged tracks, destined to challenge and rumble big systems.

Highly recommended.

Listen below: