Premiere: Iro Aka – Deshaper


Terra Magica gather another batch of artists for a compilation of weirdo club music.

The sun began to set in the distance, sucking the warmth from the day and leaving a bitter chill in the air. In daylight the landscape was breathtaking but under the veil of darkness everything changed. The hills distorted into new forms, the trees became twisted and contorted, the shapes of the valley morphing and moving as if they were coming to life. The people and animals were different too; it was as though they were under a spell, hypnotised by the glowing moon and the blanket of stars that cascaded overhead.


Terra Magica know their onions. Since launching in spring of 2021, they’ve served up gem after gem of weirdo club music, welcoming with open arms artists like Rambal Cochet, Poly Chain, Mogwaa, and many more, to join their psychedelic world. Focusing predominantly on Various Artist releases, their next is more of the same, this time featuring new, unreleased magic from the likes of Tadan, Iro Aka, Moisk and a few nuggets from the label bosses, Mirko Hecktor and Tom Sprenger, individually and under their joint guise Hektisch Sprengen DJs. CLUB TERRAM has got a bit of everything we love: a sprinkle of cosmic goodness, a peppering of acid and some of those Goa trance flavours – very tasty.