Berlin’s Q3AMBIENTFEST returns in June 2023 at Filmstadt Potsdam

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Art & Culture
Written by Til Woup

The Q3AMBIENTFEST,  is set to return in June 2023 with an impressive line-up of established and emerging artists.

Curated by Brueder Selke, a Potsdam-based, award-winning cello-piano duo, the festival aims to bring together like-minded friends and renowned artists to develop a cinematic music that holds a mirror up to and makes audible the eclectic architecture of the world-famous Filmstadt Potsdam, with its neoclassical palaces and socialist brutalism.

This year’s line-up will feature performances by Jakob Lindhagen & Vargkvint, Dirk Markham, Julia Reidy, Alex Stolze & Ben Osborn, Austarda, Sofia Paez, Laura Cannell, Grand River, Mabe Fratti, Yair Elazar Glotman & Johannes Malfatti, Brueder Selke, Sergio Díaz de Rojas & Cedric Vermue, Villemin, Will Samson, Ben Osborn, Hélène Vogelsinger, Tim Linghaus, and Simon Ansing.


The festival will focus on expanding upon traditional playing techniques and combining classical instrumentation with electronic elements. Additionally, a visualisation of the curators staging moving still lifes in Potsdam will also be screened, which will be scored live by some of the sets.

The Q3AMBIENTFEST does not focus on headliners and sees itself as a complement to the local cultural scene, with the constellation of artists being the highlight, bringing with it spontaneous, improvised collaborations.

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