Premiere: F.T.G & Myndrill – Love Will Tear Us Apart

5 Minute Read

A stellar remix of Joy Division’s all time classic.

The noise reverberated in the old empty room – it sent shivers down his spine as he recalled the last time that he was here. There was someone missing this time, it did not feel quite the same.

He wondered what it might take to heal a heart – for his had been broken a long time ago and torn to pieces in the aftermath of a bitter feud which had left him feeling twisted and lost.

Someone had once told him that love would tear him apart, he wished he’s listened now.


A remix of a classic is always risky business. Get it right, you too can become a hero. Get it wrong and well, that’s just bad news.

F.T.G & Myndrill have taken on the monstrous task of remixing the Joy Division classic ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’. They have done so with remarkable taste and in turn have created a club ready version which does seem to pay true homage to the poignancy and beauty of the original.