Premiere: Romain de Ferron – ‘ Are ‘ Are

Mock up promo

Paris-based label Stéréogramme launch with a 10-track tape compilation.

“At some point, the music came. Inadvertently. A noise, followed by another, followed by another. Resulting in a melody, or a rhythm. Gathering everyone around, suddenly drawn by this weird lullaby, asking the neo-instrumentalists to repeat the enthralling loop, endlessly. Then, the discovery spontaneously spread across frontiers, across ages. Up to this day, laden down with all the knowledges and influences collected along the road.”


Stéréogramme is a brand new label springing up from Paris way. For their first venture they’ve enlisted the help of ten artists to lay the foundations for their intriguing musical world: a trip through atmospheric and enchanting sounds, and across weird and psychedelic terrains. Each side of the 50-minute cassette release takes you down a different route – on the first side there’s library music and fourth world offerings from Hipólito, Lyckle De Jong, Charlotte Leclerc, Manoir Molle and Romain de Ferron, and on the flip we’re taken on a journey into abstract minimal synth and darker electronics from Steve Pepe, Chorus Abstracta, Raymonde, Inturist and Bear Bones, Lay Low.


Interactive Pictures is out now on Stéréogramme, with a run of limited-edition of 100 cassettes with unique artwork.