Premiere: Alf Champion – Flight of the Cacti Bird


The debut album from one of the co-captains of Funcanglong Files.

It’s a wonder how any form of life survived out here in the desert. The dry conditions and the lack of means of hydration could deter even the strongest human beings; it was no place to set up camp. Many animals called this place home though: there were a myriad of birds that nested amongst the cacti, mountain wolves and lions that stalked for miles hunting down prey, and even turtles roaming the dust-smattered land. Home is where you make it.


Guadalajara-based DJ, producer and visual artist Alf Champion gears up for the release of his debut LP Sour N Sweet on Funcanglong Files, the label he co-helms with fellow Mexican producer Mufti. With releases and tracks under his belt on the likes of Optimo Music, New Day Everyday and Electric Shapes, he now turns his attentions to his first fully realised records, taking us on a ride through sounds to tantalise your tastebuds, from psychedelic slow burners to guitar-saturated electronica and off kilter club music.


Sour N Sweet is out on 25th February via Funcanglong Files.