Premiere: Local Suicide & Skelesys – Naked and Confused (The KVB Remix)

LS sleeve

The Berlin-based artists team up for an EP on London’s Snap, Crackle & Pop.

Being in the spotlight came with its fair share of setbacks and unavoidable situations. Your whole life was out there for the world to see; nothing remained secret, everything was in the public eye to be reshaped and fabricated as people saw fit. You were naked, on display, without control over your every move and motive. In the end, was the fame really worth it, now that your last chance at anonymity had been snatched away.


One of our favourite London parties Snap, Crackle & Pop gear up for the next release on their eponymous label arm. An extension of the sounds, and the artists, you’ll hear in the dark, sweaty clubs where they host their parties, the next release comes from Berlin-based artists Local Suicide & Skelesys. A sonic match made in heaven, the duo and producer link up for an EP driven by pulsing electro, techno and EBM, which is bolstered by two remixes from another two SC&P favourites Autumns and The KVB.


You Are Mine is out on 10th December.